Foundation: Constitutional Construction, Activism, Marine Corps

Glen Bradley's conviction in political activism is that America stands in the face of a deep crisis, and that it is fundamentally a Constitutional crisis. The overwhelming myriad of distinct problems faced by most of the people can now be solved by restoring the Constitutional order, more so right now than at any other time in American history we can rally every diverse American from every stripe and philosophy to agree to restore the original construction of the federal and state Constitutions.

Frederick Douglass taught that the best guarantee of human and civil liberties was the strict and equal enforcement of the US Constitution, and I remain convinced that he was correct. I knew innately from childhood that basically all of America's problems stemmed from deviations from the Constitutional authority, and the desire to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution therefore was one of the primary motivations for my joining the US Marine Corps in 1992.

America is flinging herself apart at the seams, violently oscillating back and forth like a train that has come off the rails. The rails are the Constitution and we have become derailed, so America no longer functions correctly. The evidence is on the nightly news every day of the week. The solution is to put the train back on the rails, and those rails are the Constitution. Restore Constitutional compliance in all things -- even the parts we don't like -- and once America is back in order then we can come together as a nation to debate how to make things better.